The Stastny Holding supports projects and individuals around the world. We are engaged in a direct way only if we have a personal contact and support projects with manpower, networking and donations.



KIRAN VILLAGE Education and rehabilitation for kids and youth with disabilities

Hans-Peter Stastny travels personally twice a year to the Kiran Village in Varanasi, India. Due to his wide knowledge in Orthopedic manufacturing and rehabilitation technology, he is not only involved in building up a production place but also trains and builds up a local team.


VAMIZI One of the last natural pearls on this planet.

We support the friends of Vamizi foundation

“The Friends of Vamizi Trust” Mission Statement:

“Relieve poverty, provide education and create alternative sustainable monetary income opportunities to local communities with the long-term aim to protect the marine resources of Northern Mozambique.”

“Vamizi coral reefs are among the most bio-diverse in the Indian Ocean. The rapid recovery of fish populations in the community policed marine sanctuary is unprecedented in the region and indicates the importance of working together with the local communities for marine conservation.” Isabel Silva, WWF Conservation Manager, Vamizi Island

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